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School Admissions
Are Now Open!

Want to enroll your child at Genesis International Schools?
Check out the following steps to apply:

  • Click on “Apply Now
  • Add all the required information (Student’s name, parents’ emails, and phone numbers).
  • An email will be sent from the school with the username and password.
  • Login to the website with the username and password to start filling the application:
    1. Student information.
    2. Father’s information.
    3. Mother’s information.
    4. Guardian information.
    5. Emergency contact information.
    6. Family information.
    7. Educational background.
    8. Medical condition.
    9. Transportation.
  • After you are done with last step. Click on “save” and you will receive a call within a week to schedule an interview appointment.

Admission Requirements

Requirement 1

Personal photos of the student, father, and mother

Requirement 2

A computerized copy of the student’s birth certificate

Requirement 3

A photocopy of the mother’s and father’s ID (National ID or Passport).

Requirement 4

A photocopy of the father’s and mother’s degree certificate.

Your kids deserve the best education!

Enroll Now at Genesis International Schools.